Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum

Game Application: Battlefield 3 leaderboards for top score, highest playtime, and most number of kills. This leads to loyal players striving to get into the top rankings, which will cause a rise in their status within the game playing community.
Non-Game Context Application: Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum. Each Visa card is linked to a certain credit limit, and therefore, social status. Visa Platinum grants the owner a higher status and special privileges with respect other Visa clients. As a result, Platinum clients will become more loyal to Visa.

Urgent Optimism
Definition: Creating a scenario for the player where the hope of an epic win or getting to the desired result is always possible, which provides motivation for the player to take action to achieve this result. It is more of a philosophy behind gaming rather than a tangible game mechanic.
Game Application: In the game Crysis, the player discovers that the world is under threat by aliens and that the player is in the unique position to save the world. This unique situation as well as the tools in the player's arsenal makes the gameplay absolutely irresistible and thoroughly enjoyable.
Non-Game Context Application:Best FIFA 15 Coins Supplier This game mechanic is widely used in politics. The act of casting a vote is tied in with the changes and reforms that the winning party will bring about. This transforms the simple act of casting the vote into what what benefits the voter can get by voting for a particular party. This was used with great success during Obama's Yes, We Can campaign.FIFA 16 Coins

Viral Game Mechanics
Definition: Creating engagement and activity in the game by participation of multiple players. More number of players means more fun and engagement.
Game Application: Social games reward players for sharing game accomplishments on Facebook and getting friends to join the game.
Non-Game Context Application: Amway uses a multi level marketing approach to sell products. In other words, spreading the benefits of the brand to friends and family leads to more commission based on their sales. If they want to earn money as well, they must convince their friends to buy the products. This viral formula has been proven successful for many companies (Malaleuca, Isagenix)
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