Tips replacing the water pump

When you're replacing the water pump, a little sealant on the water pump where the main gasket goes will prevent said gasket from slipping when you jockey the water pump onto the engine. I inadvertantly ripped a gasket by not doing this and had to do the whole job over again.
Mer Cruiser Alpha 1 water pump kits

First bolt the water inlet flange onto the new water pump, using the new gasket that came with the pump. Tighten to 14-19 ft-lbs. Then position the water pump against the engine opening with the other new gasket in place, while at the same time ensuring that the o-ring on the right slips into the other side of the flange. Push the flange against the o-ring to seat it as much as possible. By now you should be able to bolt the water pump back into place. Torque to 14-19 ft-lbs. By tightening the water pump to the block, the o-ring will end up in the right place. Double check it to be sure.
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