insects of the indulge

plague of insects of the indulge in wilful persecution of blizzard and drought is rare rare wood, originate in the southwest ministry of our country, south formerly, laminate flooring threshold from laminate it is furniture of type of bright Qing Dynasty main material, but in bright Qing Dynasty period cuts excessive, the annatto nowadays, great majority originates in Africa, South America and southeast Asia and other places. Everybody should differentiate

annatto now, want to undertake outdoor wpc panel wpc decking panel differentiating according to the relevant standard of national annatto index, it is annatto standard now: 2 divisions, 5 belong to, 8 kinds mix 33 kinds. View alburnum Annatto sort is various, its material differs character, because this is when the material that differentiates annatto lumber is qualitative, be differentiated even according to natural wood texture fences prices the personage inside course of study.

Inside course of study, the brunet part among annatto lumber is called normally " duramen " , the part outside is called " Bai Pi " perhaps cry " alburnum " . According to composite decking recalls the national relevant regulation to annatto lumber, only the duramen of lumber is " annatto " , and the lumber of white skin part cannot be called " annatto " , but Bai Pi also can use in annatto furniture in making, but its utilization rate

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