Mianqi floor green issues have concerns?

1, if the paint-free solid wood flooring just paved taste, under normal circumstances are the taste of paint. You can open more windows and doors, while more bonsai can be raised indoors, such as spider plants, aloe vera, cactus, etc., or buy some activated carbon, bamboo charcoal artwork indoors, can purify the air can also beautify the environment.

2, Mianqi solid wood floor if it took a long time before the unpleasant taste, it is likely to be Mianqi solid wood flooring itself similar mildew quality changes, it is recommended to replace Mianqi solid wood flooring, paint-free floor generally Good maintenance is that this situation will not happen.

3, if you just bought a home paint-free solid wood floor there is a pungent taste, it is possible that paint-free solid wood floor formaldehyde content exceeded, in this case, you can return, the general brand of flooring business products will not Such problems occur.

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