flooring surface film hardness

paint film than the solid wood flooring requirements to be high, you need to reach 2H, and solid wood flooring surface film hardness can only be achieved H. 3, the adhesion and durability of the paint film adhesion is an important technical indicator of the piano paint flooring, paint adhesion requirements of 2, in order to verify the durability of the paint adhesion of the floor, an increase of film dipping stripping

Of the project, the technical requirements for each side of the film and the impregnated paper peeling test after the cumulative length of not more than 25mm, the general can reach the required coating dipping stripping impregnated paper laminated wood floor, within a few years after use The surface of the film can still maintain a strong paint adhesion. 4, other physical and chemical properties require other

properties of piano paint flooring such as static bending strength, internal bond strength, surface bond strength, moisture content, density, water thickness expansion rate, dimensional stability, surface crack resistance, surface resistance to pollution, Thermal cycling, light fastness and other properties of impregnated paper laminated wooden floor the same technical indicators. The above content is introduced

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