the function is easy to be ignored

accessories ( such as skirting board , fastening strip , floor mat , glue , etc . ) is small , the price is low , the function is easy to be ignored . The expert introduces that the quality of auxiliary materials and accessories directly affects the paving quality , the overall effect , the service life and the comprehensive price of the floor . Therefore , it is recommended that the consumers pay special attention to the quality of the auxiliary materials and accessories when

purchasing the floor products , and also to purchase auxiliary materials and accessories matched with the floor brands as far as possible . ?[Reminder three ] the quality of the installation party should not be ignored ?Authority analysis: floor installation is a very professional work, installation personnel must be specially trained. According to the scientific installation specification, it is recommended that consumers choose the floor brand which can provide professional

installation service. At the same time, we should pay attention to pre-sale after-sales service, warranty period from the date of completion of installation, the duration of at least one year. ?[Reminded four ]times to notice that the report is to be detected ?Authoritative analysis: according to the relevant experts, the national quality supervision and inspection center of wood-based panels, wood flooring products and other additional functions other than the physical and

outdoor bin with ashtray

wood plastic and elastic design of slabs and plates

stain deck joists


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