seal line straight and smooth

with a straight edge banding machine to complete a seal, decapitated, trimming, chamfering, polishing and other processes, glue evenly, the pressure pressure seal Edge stability, processing precision of the size can be adjusted to the most suitable parts, to ensure The most accurate size. The workshop-based small plant is coated with a brush, artificial pressure seal edge, with a knife knife to trim edge, with a manual polishing machine polishing, due to uneven

pressure, many places are not strong, but also cause formaldehyde and other toxic gases to volatile in the air. B: Whether to prevent cockroach silent edge. The use of anti-cockroach silent edge of the cabinet, the door closed when the impact can be eased to eliminate noise and prevent cockroaches and other insects to enter, there is no difference between the cost of anti-cockroach Edge 3%. 2, punch Now the panel furniture are assembled by the triple

connector, which requires a lot of positioning in the plate to connect the hole. Hole with the accuracy and accuracy will affect the structural rigidity of the cabinet cabinet. Professional manufacturers to use a row of multi-row drill to complete a plate side, a number of holes on the board, these holes are a positioning benchmark, the accuracy of the size is guaranteed. Manual small factory row drilling, or even drilling pistol drilling, larger size error. 3, cutting board

pavilion building kits

deck benches with backs plans

laminate to french doors

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