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It would be sweet to play here someday. You know, you never know in sports, but a lot of support back here in South Jersey and the Philly area. They follow me pretty well. This is a pretty little drive up a willow choked valley that nice any time of year. The grasslands and flats were covered in ankle deep snow while the spruce, pine and poplar on the north facing sides still had snow on the branches. The angle of the sun lit up the yellow leaves of the poplars among the evergreens and set them aglow against all that dark green.

But at the same time, I think it helped me now. I only 27, and I been trying to do this for a long time. Most guys, when they go through that stuff, by the time they through it, they 35 and they have kids and a family and stuff like that. Was fortunate but there was that moment when you wonder who is going to be protected or unprotected, the Calgary Flames assistant general manager said recently. A great feeling when you find out but I got a call from the guys after (the protected lists were released) and they were like, wonder if I going to get picked and they did get picked and those guys went and really enjoyed their other teams. Although they were sad to leave, when they got there, they were big parts of a new team..

On his 30th birthday, the Flying Finn who just might wing it for Europe when these playoffs end burned a permanent place in the memory, guaranteed a berth in the Hockey Hall of Fame, a spot for his uniform in the Northlands Coliseum rafters alongside No. 99 and No. 11 and maybe one or two more, and he sent the Edmonton Oilers home with something very like a lock on the 1990 Stanley Cup..

Linda McNeil: There was one instance where I was riding my bike. And I saw this gentleman step down off the step He had a board in his hand. And as I passed him, he hit me across the back. Concentrate in your security after you stay at a hotel. Make Notice of the fire exits and places of fire extinguishers. Keep the doorway locked, and maintain your important or essential card in a secure location.

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