How to set up a wireless router in the win8 system

win8 is the latest Huawei Gpon Epon Onu For Fiber Optic Network Router Ma5620 out of a touch screen operating system, a lot of people have replaced the win8 system to experience new pleasure, but how to set the wireless router win8? The following is a study method to some of the small win8 system we set the router consolidation, we hope to help

! Win8 system settings router method:

first to open and close the wireless mode, flight mode. The mouse is placed on the network to click on the network magnetic paste to ensure that the flight mode is closed.

, if it is a notebook, finds the FN key and the Asa5585 Blank H Cisco Brand New Cisco Networking Accessories key (usually F1~F12) on the keyboard to ensure that WiFi is opened. There is a wave switch on the side of the computer to turn off the wireless network, and the situation is configured in accordance with its own computer instructions.

set up router

. First, according to the instructions of the router, set up the wireless router, connect the network cable, and set different routers. Please refer to the instructions. The computer is connected to your router, click network, select your router SSID, click to select the connection

in the browser input (different router address may be different, please refer to the instructions), and then follow the instructions in

login log in and click the setup wizard, has been the next step, the way the Internet according to your Internet the way choice, if you need to select the virtual dial-up account and password.

is set up, the router will restart, and then connect to the wireless. Congratulations, your win8 system can Snmp Based Switch Huawei S1720 28Gfr 4Tp internet access.

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