Replace alpha one waterpump

It's a very good idea to replace your water pump in the drive every year.
When your pump fails, engine damage may occur from overheating.
If you have already overheated your engine, then you need to check a few things.

The hot exhaust from an overheated engine will actually melt the upper and lower pump housings.
It will also ruin the seals in the outdrive!!

All too many times we see customers replace their water pumps after an overheat only to ruin their outdrives
from an overheated seal leaking out the drive oil.

If you think that your drive might have gotten too hot, have it resealed by an authorized Mercruiser Dealer.

What to Expect

Drive work is difficult and messy. The outdrive is heavy so
if your not in shape then have a mechanic take care of it.

The best way to replace a pump is to remove the entire drive and have the
drive supported upright in a stand.

Trying to replace a water pump without the drive supported in a stand sucks.

You will be required to think ahead about such items as o-rings, sealers and shaft positions.
While the drive is apart.... you need to really inspect everything from top to bottom and inside out.

Missing one item could lead to drive and/or engine failure. Don't screw up!

Mercruiser alpha 1 water pump kit
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