Trolley furnace

The order of operation is as follows:
1. open the operation cabinet door and open all the circuit breakers in the open cabinet.
2. open the touch screen into the general picture
3. observe whether the COM communication in the lower right corner of the general picture is green, otherwise the communication is not normal and the operation is invalid.
4. click the programming button on the general picture to enter the "time program programming" screen.
The "specified formula" input box is found in the 5. screen, where the corresponding process curve number can be entered, and then the point is placed.
Click the "determine" button to see the corresponding curve data in the "program curve data" table.
The user needs to see if it is the curve needed for this heating, and then click the "curve download" button to make the curve.
The line is downloaded to the "instrument work curve data", and then click "draw the curve" to draw the trend of this heating.
The potential map.
6. set the overtemperature alarm value, such as the overtemperature alarm input box at the lower right corner only to input the corresponding value.
The overtemperature alarm can be set up, and the overtemperature alarm value is 10 centigrade higher than the heat preservation value of the process.
7. return to the main screen, click the "start" button on the screen
8. press the "heating start" on the control cabinet and rotate the "circulation fan to start" knob.
9. the system is running normally.
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