Enjoy the natural fresh wood flooring

Air conditioning as a daily appliance, not only has the cooling, heating function, can also help users to solve some home troubles, such as: the use of air conditioning dehumidification.Wood dehumidification does not need to spend a long time, but also not always need to be vigilant affairs. Users only need to do housework or relax when the air conditioning function of the dehumidifier open in summer, only about 2-3 hours can be. If you have to spend the hot and humid season, do not use air-conditioning dehumidifier is also OK, only need to open the door properly, ventilation ventilation on it.

Air-conditioning dehumidification has been the solution, in the daily life can still be the right way to clean the wooden floors to minimize the possibility of damp. For example, do not use a wet mop or rag to clean the wood floor, and wipe it frequently with a dry rag.

Moisture and dampness of wooden flooring to avoid more, as long as the correct understanding of the temper of wood flooring, for the extension of the life of the floor can be said is a breeze. Clever use of air conditioning dehumidification, so you can feel comfortable in the hot and humid climate wooden floor fresh and natural.

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