establishment of environmental

did not propose establishment of environmental protection of form a complete set, also check and accept without environmental protection throw production namely. According to " wood-plastic composite production usa regulation of construction project environmental protection " , bureau of Haidian area environmental protection is in to its fine with 100 thousand yuan, instruct halt production.

Public security bureau of forest of the area build anti-fungus floor for portal that overlook a river begins lumber to machine hidden trouble of industry safe production to check the work greatly Fulfil country and job of municipal safe production to be carried out further overall deploy,

be a party " 19 big " the conference is held garden decking Leisure park benches smoothly and the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region holds water 70 years to celebrate an activity to build a favorable safe production environment, arrange disposition by government of area of shine on river, public security bureau of forest of the area that overlook a river acts actively Lin Jia of arrangement deploy experience is versed in hidden [url=]vinyl floor market in dubai[/url] trouble of manufacturing industry safe production checks the work greatly.

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