publish relevant policy

the blowdown unit that begins to wait for 2x6 tongue and groove vermont 5 industries to furniture is engaged in making inside Beijing administration area leaves ask for VOCs blowdown to expend.

Besides publish relevant policy, standard to undertake limitative, begin from 2016, make in the light of furniture etc the industry is special execute the law examination 27 foot pool deck activity spreads out in succession, pollute environmental behavior put on record to the enterprise and be in with fine.

Announced on August 2 according to place a grill pad on top of decking material bureau of Beijing environmental protection " task of 2017 year performance makes progress first half of the year " , first half of the year, branch of whole town environmental protection violates behavior put on examples of bungalows with exterior wood cladding record 2225 cases to securing contaminative source environment in all,

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