Floor waxing benefits

1, the first need to wax clean wooden floor to do clean, remove debris, with a neutral detergent diluted floor stains, if it is difficult to remove the stain on the floor, you can use first Be satisfied with the water wipe, but wipe the wiper must be wring.

2, with a neutral detergent and washing machine with the ground clean, the same token, in the cleaning time must be wiped wring, do not leave the detergent and water on the floor surface, the groove part, because That would cause the floor surface to whiten or bulge.

3, with a dry towel to dry the surface of the residual moisture or wait until it is natural to dry, you have to wait until the floor surface, trench partially dry before waxing, or hit the floor wax will not be tightly attached to The surface of the floor, will have a pan-white affect the appearance, can not reach the effect of waxing.

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