Slag stone production line

Slag vertical mill is mainly composed of host, feeder, classifier, blower, pipeline equipment, storage hopper, electronic control system and collection system, etc, according to each customer's production requirements, the vertical mill can increase capacity, but by increasing the number of roller roller to form a variety of ability of series model products, to meet different customer's actual production demand, successful application in mineral processing production, help enterprises to create a lot of profit and market value. Next, let's look at the process of converting stone production lines.[url=]vertical bell-t e furnace laboratory furnace Zirconia Sintering Furnace[/url]
Motor drive reducer driven in mill, material under the action of centrifugal force to mill around mobile enter between grinding roller and grinding disc, under the effect of roller pressure, the material is extruded by crushing, grinding and cutting force, grinding powder by blower air blow to the host at the top of the screen classifier, the host is the grain size too coarse still fall into heavy grinding,[url=]Continous Me Belt Muffle Furnace Quenching Tempering Furnace Muffle Furnace[/url]
Fineness is specifications into pulse dust collector with the wind, after collection by the powder tube eduction is the finished product, after purification of the air by pulse collector pipe flow blower on the back into the atmosphere.[url=]Vacuum Brazing Furnace High Temperature Brazing Furnace[/url]
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