PPPoE dial-up settings can not be done after the completion of the Internet?

Analysis of set up the router WAN port PPPoE dial, if not on the network, please log into the Huawei Ma5675 Gpon Gateway Network Equipment management interface, click on the running state of > > WAN and WAN if the export has been in a state of being connected, unable to connect successfully. As shown below:

please refer to a phenomenon of problem investigation. If the

WAN port state IP address, but not on the network, as shown below:

please refer to the phenomenon of two investigation problems.

a phenomenon investigation: check the line connecting

broadband lines (home or cable from the &ldquo �� cat; out cable) connected to the router's WAN port, the cable connected to the computer in any one LAN port, and confirm the observation indicator is normal, as shown below:

line connection figure

position indicator diagram note: indicator part of the router in the network interface on the upper left corner.

if the line is connected correctly, but WAN indicator light does not shine, please check the WAN wiring whether there is bad contact, try changing the WAN port connection cable.

investigation two: reference

prompt dial failed in the management interface click on the running state of the &gt router; > WAN and WAN if not get to the IP address of the page will be prompted to cause failure of the dial, please click Help, according to the decision method of troubleshooting solutions that help content. As shown in the following table: />

note: this part of the router prompt, not the investigation procedure.

investigation three: broadband service provider binding MAC address

before the separate connection of broadband Internet access and computer router LAN port connection (here must be connected by wireless router management interface, the login).

select the network parameters of > > clone MAC address, click the clone MAC address. When the MAC address is the same as the MAC address that currently manages the PC, Huawei Communication Equipment Manufacter In China click save and restart the router. As shown below: To observe the effect of

WAN port after the restart router can successfully get the IP address. The investigation of four:

save the log and contact

technical support operation according to the above investigation method > if after the problem is still not resolved, please log into the router management interface tool selection system > > the system log, click save all of the log, the log is saved to the computer desktop, as shown below:

will be sent to the system log fae@tp-link.com.cn for support, or call 400-8863-400 for technical support.

a two investigation: check the Internet terminal network parameters

computer needs to be set to automatically obtain IP address, if you do not know how to set, please click on the reference: how to set the IP computer

address > if computer is to automatically obtain IP address, but to get to the IP address is 169.254.x.x. Please put the computer corresponding to the local connection or wireless connection and then enable the disabled.

: investigation two: check the Internet router control

router access control, parental control (part of router firewall function) Internet access can limit the network computer, please set according to the actual needs of the function, the necessary conditions, can not enable this feature. The method is as follows:

>1, set off the parental control

log into the router management interface, click parental control settings page, choose not to enable and save. As shown below:

>2, close the access control security settings in

> access control, confirmation check open access control, click save. As shown below: />

to complete the operation, can try to open the page test online.

investigation three: check your browser settings

check your browser settings, check the method is as follows:

disable dial-up connection: open the IE browser, click on the tools > > the Internet option, select the connection > > never dial connections.

disable network proxy: click on the tools > > Internet options, select the connection > > LAN settings, ensure that the three option is unchecked, and click ok.

is set, try to open the Internet browser.

four investigation: replace the browser or computer

replace the browser (Firefox /Firefox, Google /Chrome or other browsers) and then try, if still not online, try to change the computer test.

five investigation: detection of broadband lines

computer directly connected to broadband dial-up dial-up, if successful, also not on the network, please contact the broadband operators to solve the Huawei Communication Equipment problem.

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