endorsements recent work arrangements

Ai Liangdong: Thank you, we are also very happy to find such a good online media contacts. Is the floor star, or star tarnished the floor? --- Also talk about China floor celebrity endorsements recent work arrangements are tight, all day flying around the country,

or overtime to catch up with the map, it seems that no time to stop. Finally, on a weekend night, with friends gathered in the bar, the phone rang again, I thought it was a project on the helper again come to me! Unexpectedly, is a media friend: Huang Zhida you also endorse wood flooring,

will not make their own brand image messed up? Hang up the phone, I am silent for a long time. My friend asked me what happened and said to them, all sigh and asked if I feel pressured either. In fact, I recently saw online Sina and Sohu are out of the topic,

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