environmental groups called for the original

in the past the sales of merbau accounted for 15% of the proportion. "According to reports, in the international market, Merbau has the price as high as 660 US dollars per cubic meter, while in the country Sold at such a low price, much of it rooted in illegal logging.

Xu manager told reporters that B & Q reason for making this decision is mainly a report of Greenpeace International Environmental Investigation. The report shows that at present, merbau has been endangered and only 1 to 5 merbau can be found in forests as large as 13 football fields.

If not protected, the species will be extinct in 35 years or less . Reminded environmental groups called for the original source for consumers, how to screen wood products is illegal logging? The reporter called the Greenpeace International Office of Greenpeace Beijing office phone,

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