best-selling color and three flagship products

the headquarters with more than 1,000 joint fleet across the country, to create crazy discount "Festival", including Kentucky's two best-selling color and three flagship products: the original price of 99 yuan / m2 and the United States 3001 type, and the United States 3004 floor,

Value shocking price of 55.8 yuan / m2 (bare price); original price of 179 yuan / m2 of the three flagship products, the national uniform price of 119.6 yuan / m2 (package installation). Kang tree flooring city distinguished family's mainstream "ground" color.

Rich forest resources make Sweden enjoy the "forest country" reputation. With 26 million hectares of forest coverage, 60% forest cover and 3.2 hectares of per capita forest ownership, Sweden is worthy of this title. As one of the three major natural resources in Sweden,

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