wood flooring determines the consumer's

macro-wood president Li Wei in an unquestionable tone in the Kunlun Hotel to the floor sector colleagues and news Media journalists to make such a 'declaration',exterior wood slats diy slime he has a long time with 10 years of successful operational experience, began a new brand to create the practice. On the same day, macro resistance and Guangzhou Li Heng Wood Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will integrate resources,[url=http://decks-decking.com/panel/5819.html]custom outdoor wood plastic wall[/url] play a common advantage, quickly in the field of solid wood flooring to create a new mainstream brand - 'This is a complete capital level of cooperation.' Li Wei so that the evaluation of macro resistance and the constant

marriage. Li Weifeng, president of Liheng Group, also said that the cooperation between the two sides is 'a professional production and professional marketing integration',elk composite decking products 'the integration of resources and capital.' According to the reporter in the question 'forced' out of the insider, the macro resistance and the constant cooperation is the macro-resistant Group's Jiangsu-resistant Wood Co., Ltd. and the force of the Group's constant force Wood Manufacturing Co., Ltd. set up a joint venture in Beijing Beijia flooring Co., Ltd., a total investment of 15 million yuan to establish a sales company,[url=http://woodflooringforum.com/wpc-decking/3816.html]where to purchase composite flooring in united states[/url] and then gradually additional investment in the establishment

and improvement of production plants, a total investment of 50 million yuan. New than the company's marketing management headquarters in Beijing, will quickly launch to the market toelite flooring wpc floor 'more than' brand of solid wood flooring. According to the data provided by China Forest Products Industry Association, China can statistics to the floor brand no less than 5000, who can eventually become a dominant brand? 'Who can take the lead in marketing revolution,[url=http://abouthardwoodfloor.com/wood-floor/6082.html]interlocking deck boards calgary[/url] who will be able to take the lead in the industry a strong brand, become the real winner in the same industry.' Li Wei so assert. According to the plan, the new 'than the Ka' will be 'to the provincial

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