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other outlet, do not put in the solar direct to the place, because the long-term solid wood tea tray by the wind or direct sunlight will damage the tea tray. 6, if the solid wood tea tray is not often used, it is best to clean up the tea tray after the tea plate marked with a layer of edible vinegar, so that the tea tray can not lose luster. Through the above description, I believe we already know how to maintain solid wood tea it! For more information on home, please

continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Wooden tea tray is made of solid wood processing, long-term use may be some cracks, then, encountered such a situation how do we do? The following and home Xiaobian together to learn wooden tea plate repair method. Wooden tea tray should be hardwood system is appropriate, sandalwood, pear is a good choice, but hardwood in the north easy to crack, although the tea tray will not be the whole

piece of wood, but also Need 20-30 cm wide wide board to do the floor, but still often have water to prevent the floor cracking. Wooden generally not alone intubation or separate water, and are generally both the same, will be reserved for drainage holes, and offer intubation. Drawer-style cleaning is convenient, but the degree of beauty to be weaker than the one, the advantage is lower prices. Second, the wooden tea tray repair method Step one: fill in the

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