Do not buy texture unclear bamboo flooring

Mianqi solid wood floor to buy home can be installed directly, easy construction, and the general plank also need their own paint after use. It is painted in the factory through a mechanized, highly automated production line and therefore greatly reduces the chance of secondary pollution.

Paint-free solid wood flooring After several such mechanized and continuous polishing process, but also improve the quality of the paint, the board than the hardness of the higher, but also more wear-resistant. After high-temperature treatment, generally no worms, even if the eggs in the panel is not killed by high temperature, it will be closed suffocated paint.

However, this solid wood flooring also has some shortcomings, such as the market now a lot of Mianqi solid wood flooring varies in quality, consumers in the purchase of particular attention to quality control, especially the use of warm family, to avoid indoor Pollution. Also buy this floor do not over-pursuit of smooth effect, because the floor paint more people stampede more luster will be dim, and high-gloss floor effect of this color difference will be more obvious.

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