Laminate flooring

Do not open the sun at noon south window. To close the doors and windows in advance, the first anti-governance, to prevent warm and humid air flow into the outdoor. Some people think that sunny noon, you can open the window ventilation, this approach does not alleviate dampness. Noon is the highest outdoor temperature, the maximum temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, this time ventilation, sometimes lead to indoor wood flooring, wall condensation more serious.

Toilet door readily bring in order to avoid water vapor stretching to other parts of the interior. After cooking or bathing, remember to bring the kitchen door and toilet door, and open the exhaust fan to reduce the water into the living room.

Now we have learned some tips, back to the sky when the air humidity is relatively high, the family easy to take the water, so we must do moisture-proof work of the wooden floor, to their own home and a comfortable home environment.

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