reinforced wood flooring

overcome the obvious defects such as easy deformation, frequent cracking and difficult maintenance of the solid wood flooring, and has absorbed the advantages of high wear resistance,reconstituted plastic timber hong kong easy handling and suitable for geothermal. Among them, Masterwood E0 substrate,[url=]curved deck stairs blueprint[/url] Mocca discoloration, synchronous pattern suppression, anti-old, ultra-matte, quiet technology in the industry are unique. Mocca discoloration technology, refers to the special heat treatment, so that the carcasses of carcasses produce caramelization reaction. The sugar in the logs is produced by caramelization after high temperatures, making the wood into a natural brown color. The

technology can be light-colored wood without artificial dyeing and other chemical treatment into dark, so to ensure that its products are natural, does not contain harmful substances,ice melt on Seven trust decking but also to avoid the ordinary solid wood flooring color after the color deviation. In addition, Mocca technology has also made a qualitative leap in the floor, after heating the floor layer to change the original performance, wood structure is more stable,[url=]panel for wall price in kerala[/url] while the service life is longer, due to Mocca discoloration technology applications, so that people's diverse needs Get satisfied. The first category is in the traditional laminate flooring on the basis of the development of new

products, adhering to a very mature technology and design,wpc decking in new zealand such as structural design, locking technology, resistance to Grinding technology, antibacterial and anti-mildew and environmental protection, it also absorbs the advantages of solid wood flooring, such as size and V-chamfer, surface treatment, but also increased the solid wood is difficult to match the technical process. Such as pressing technology and imitation of the old processing,[url=]composite wood decking manufacturer in colombia[/url] noise mute, so as to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers, greatly reducing the solid wood flooring on the waste of resources, and the floor performance is more remarkable. The second category is developed

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