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chair also tens of thousands of dollars. Second, the ebony tea tray maintenance knowledge First of all, the sandalwood tea tray is very easy to be hard objects scratched, if you use the tea for the rough clay or metal embedded material, the tea tray should be padded with bamboo curtain to be isolated, So as not to cause the tea tray "Mishap", affect the appearance. Second, the solid wood tea tray to pay attention not to exposure, so as not to crack. Such as a long

time does not apply, but also need to use water to wet, so as not to lose their own wood moisture, resulting in wood cracked. Moreover, every use of tea tray, use the water washed away the above tea residue tea, and then clean the tea towel to wipe the water, and then naturally dry. Tea tray on the tea and small tea curtains should also be cleaned after drying, so as to avoid scale deposition in the tea tray. As the tea tray itself only with a layer of transparent

protection of the oil, do not use chemical cleaning agents and hard wire brush, so as not to damage the protection of oil film and scratch the surface of tea tray. Through the above description, I believe we already know what is the ebony tea tray it! Ebony tea tray maintenance knowledge, had a small series on the introduction over, and hope that everyone weed tea tray tea conservation help, for more information More tea knowledge, please continue to pay

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