exports wooden furniture

consumer favour. Zhangzhou of before 2017 8 months exports wooden furniture to break through 200 million dollars Before 2017 8 months, zhangzhou anti-cracking gazebo dealer Guatemala examines furniture of wood of exit of discharged of quarantine of quarantine bureau accumulative total 9733 batch, goods is worth 215 million, grow respectively compared to the same period 18.8% with

13.8% , go up situation is satisfactory. Exit product basically is given priority to with furniture of wood of various daily expense, sell in 20mm commercial vinyl planks all toward 101 countries or area. Wooden furniture regards Zhangzhou tradition as a large amount of export goods, developing exit to achieve the main effect that collect. Cheap Rubber Flooring And Chair To promote export of

furniture of wood of area under administration, zhangzhou bureau adopts a side actively to support measure. It is play news dominant position, Composite Lawn Edging Deck Board use technology, talent and platform advantage to collect law of trade national law compasses and technical trade measure, with this guidance the enterprise promotes canal of danger of zephyr of

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