Stainless steel seamless pipe market prices unilateral rise

In early September all stainless steel seamless pipe hit a new high in recent years, the price has entered a period of adjustment. In mid-September, Beijing, Tianjin and other places have issued the most stringent "stop order" to stop all types of road works, water conservancy works and construction and demolition of earthwork and other measures to make the expected decline in demand for stainless steel seamless pipe greatly increased the futures The market continues to aisi201 202 304 316 430 welded factory Until the National Day, some end-users in response to the National Day holiday vacation, stainless steel seamless tube replenishment significantly increased, coupled with stainless steel seamless pipe has dropped continuously for nearly a month, the price rebounded. After the National Day steel limited production and termination of the news repeatedly under the influence of the stainless steel seamless pipe market supply and demand weaker situation is more obvious, the price shocks repeated wide range of prices, or even when the morning rose sharply in the afternoon situation.160 micron stainless steel printing screen ultra g... Stainless steel seamless pipe prices bottomed out by the end of 2015, ending the unilateral price declines in the past 5 years. After 2016, the seamless steel pipe industry in stainless steel continues to be driven by supply-side reforms, Unprecedented strength, stainless steel seamless pipe market supply contraction, market prices continue to hit new highs, some species prices have doubled in the past two years, the market price of stainless steel seamless pipe can be described as unilateral rise.Mirror polishing 201 welded stainless steel pipe As of August this year, 304 stainless seamless pipe seems to have continued its weakness. However, environmental news continues to affect the supply of stainless steel and the price fall is also more difficult. The absolute price index of the P & C steel market has seen steady changes over the past three months, especially in the ten Month, severe turmoil in steel prices, stainless steel seamless pipe market prices or have entered a downturn adjustment period.Factory Price 316 Stainless Steel Pipe For Selling
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