corridor wall

Corridor original corridor wall without the use of decorative materials, and now the use of eco-wood interior wall panels, not only gives an elegant feel, even the sense of depth of the corridor, while composite retaining walls Traders the wall surface with decorative painting, quite a mood. Bathroom original white tile laying walls and integrated ceiling, although very practical, but always feel more cliche

in the original decoration is the most out of a color area, and now use the ecological do they make 2 by 8 composite wood wood highlights the luxurious side, visually A lot of comfort Living room wall has not been decorated before the TV background wall always feel shortcomings, with the ecological wood wall suddenly brought to the living room the natural ecological feeling

but also in a strong contrast to make the TV screen has a better performance, this let People are surprised. Balcony earlier had wanted to support the flowers on the balcony, placed a lounge chair, and occasionally soaked in a cup of tea or coffee lazy to enjoy, and now ecological wood can be wooden so that the used wood fence panel prices for sale balcony full of natural return to the comfort of home life.

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