laminate flooring production base

achieve high-speed development. Henglin floor in the enterprise scale, technology and equipment, variety quality, market image, regional brands and other aspects of a comprehensive beyond the Changsha,composite 2 x 4 boards Shenyang and other domestic solid wood flooring production base,[url=]need 2 inch thick composite lumber[/url] the town emerged more than 400 laminate flooring terminal enterprises and supporting Enterprises, the annual output of nearly 400 million square meters, the annual export volume of nearly 200 million square meters, has become the country's highest industrial concentration, the best development trend, the strongest brand strength of wood flooring production (export) base, and seize

the global 70% of the market share, 'Heng Lin speed' shocked counterparts. From the 'chaos' to 'rule' experience tortuous cross-forest to strengthen the rapid rise of wood flooring,wood plastic composite lumber dubai so that the industry admiration, but the forest to strengthen the wood flooring industry at the beginning of development, but experienced a 'chaos' to 'rule' twists and turns. In 2002, after the forest to strengthen the wood flooring out of the country, the district enterprises tasted the sweetness, strengthen the wood flooring export enterprises flocked, the rapid expansion of the number:[url=]how to build deck railing out of hog panels[/url] 2002 export floor business only 4, to 2008 has 121. And the price of laminate flooring began to

decline from 2006, corporate profits plummeted, raw materials, labor costs increased year by year, by the dollar depreciation impact of increasing pressure, eventually leading to the region between the brutal homogeneous competition,sandwich panel philippines low price vicious competition. Regional competition disorderly competition, product quality seems to be the only decline in the outcome. At that time, in the eyes of foreign flooring dealers, horizontal forest floor is a synonym for shoddy flooring, 'Henglin floor' brand image of the region was seriously damaged. Was known as the 'poor plate distribution center,'[url=]wood decking material singapore pools[/url] the cross-Lin, so that domestic and foreign industry instinctively to

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