harm to forestry

leave,come, will cause great harm to forestry of forestry production, zoology. Current, battalion examines east quarantine bureau already timber tech problems deck warping board approved lumber to undertake effective quarantine superintends processing to this by the regulation. Zhengzhou of before 3 quarters exports wood 172 million dollar Before 2017 3 quarters, zhengzhou

examines quarantine bureau (chip) wood is exported in all inside area under administration 2990 batches, one hundred and seventy-two small backyard outdoor pavilion ideas million two hundred and seventy thousand dollar, grow 14.8% respectively compared to the same period, 0.2% . Export among them to " one belt all the way " country of vinyl flooring suppliers in qatar along the line 728 batches, twenty-nine

million one hundred and ninety-eight thousand dollar, grow 33.1% respectively compared to the same period, - 19.7% ; 24.3% what occupy this bureau flower boxes on top of a flat roof should the be waterproof wood to export business respectively, 16.9% . Look surely! The market value of market of near future annatto and prices are analysed National Day holiday already passed, let us see annatto market the

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