same time the wood keel must be straight

high, while the decoration will occupy the top space will be larger, in addition, light steel keel can only do straight lines, can not do special shape. Second, light steel keel selection points At present, light steel keel has been more and more consumers of the favor, the following look, buy light steel keel need to pay attention to what. 1, select the shape of the choice of light steel keel, the first according to their own

use to select the corresponding shape. Light steel keel in the form of cross-section U-shaped, C-type, T-type, L-type and several. U-keel and C-type are all bearing keel, do cut keel. U-shaped as the main keel support, C as a cross-keel card access. T-type keel and L-type generally used for not human ceiling, T-keel for the main keel and cross-keel, L-shaped keel. 2, select the light steel keel thickness light

steel keel can not choose less than 0.6mm products. Purchase time to see the product specifications, length, thickness and other information in the product description. And through the naked eye and feel to determine the thickness of aluminum plate. 3, check the light steel keel galvanizing process To prevent rust on both sides of the steel keel should be galvanized, the choice should be selected without any loss

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