marketability value

is intense, marketability value is not overter than the advantage, loose log of Chinese hemlock, beautiful banner is behaved in Chinese market plastic wood for decks Yekaterinburg not ideal, except the entrance the capacity appears to glide apparently besides, the price is tumbledown also, occupy distributor home to divulge, because market demand does not give power, the case

that go up is pulled down in price of material of other needle leaf, sale price of loose home of North America hemlock, beautiful banner anti-fungus wpc Stair treads Slovenia is gone against however situation glide, with on comparing of phase of the moon has 10-40 yuan / of stere glide. looks from bank of 3 mainlands crossing, full continent clearance sales composite decking spacing importers in arrive quantity from 360 train

wagon / day drops 280-300 train wagon / day, arrive the volume drops more apparent, russia and the area such as Chinese north already were entered outdoor non distorting fence cost or will enter warm oneself seasonal, also be the peak period that entered carriage coal, railroad begins to carry coal in great quantities, 2 Lian Hao spy arrive quantity about 50-60 train

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