Wooden floor moisture content is how is it?

When the moist wood moisture evaporates, the first loss of free water, when the free water evaporation and adsorption water is still saturated when the moisture content,fake brick wall panels for outdoor uk known as the fiber saturation point moisture content. Fiber saturation point is a turning point in wood performance, at the fiber saturation point, the strength of wood is constant, does not change with the change of water content.

At the same time, there is no expansion or contraction of wood in this volume change. When the water content drops below the saturation point of the fiber, that is, the adsorption of water in the cell wall begins to evaporate,how to measure from hollow to floor the intensity increases with the decrease of water content, and the phenomenon of wet shrinkage and shrinkage is also evident. Different wood fiber saturation point moisture content of about 22% to 33%.

Humidity and temperature in various regions of nature are relatively stable in different seasons. Wood for a long time in this relative humidity environment,type of wood for joist for deck the moisture content will reach a relatively constant. The moisture content at this time is called the equilibrium moisture content (for example, the annual equilibrium moisture content in Shanghai is 4.6%).

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