wood flooring production

keep a distance. The face of industry problems, Changzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau party clearly aware that only to change this situation, in order to restore the 'cross-forest floor,' the regional brand of domestic and foreign image.lattice and fencing in durban So to 'Fuyou bad, quality win' as the theme of the export of floor lighting products quality special rectification action began.[url=http://deckingboards.org/boat-deck/3049.html]plastic deck sells in india[/url] Through special rectification, to solve the development of Henglin wood flooring business at the beginning of counterfeiting impersonation product quality mark, poor product quality, toxic and hazardous substances exceeded the outstanding issues. Through the guidance and help, many

enterprises 'product quality first responsibility' awareness greatly enhanced,outdoor hand railing best materials shoddy, fake and shoddy, trademark infringement and other acts gradually for the enterprise shameless, replaced by the export product quality and quality year after year Improve,[url=http://a-wooddeck.com/deck/5518.html]wooden board fencing in northern va[/url] inferior flooring distribution center to become history. Breakthrough trade barriers to shape the industry brand In October 2004, Canada on the Chinese floor export enterprises put forward the floor anti-dumping, countervailing investigation. This is the first encounter in the flooring industry from the international trade friction. Henglin floor Association immediately led the establishment of the Rocky,

Gloria, Xin and other 15 export enterprises to deal with anti-dumping group. Raise funds, contact lawyers, cross the forest side of the edge of the fighting to explore, above ground pool deck cantilevered over copingin this unprecedented special campaign as the soldiers as courageous. But in the same year in September, the United States launched 337 investigation ... ... international trade war came violent and intensive, in the face of a blank, but in the face of a blank,[url=http://deckingboards.org/outdoor-fence/3048.html]solutions to heighten fence without getting new fence[/url] Response to experience, high fees and a variety of risks, cross-forest flooring industry as an export army, always hold the industry to defend the banner of national industry to defend the banner. Experienced a few trade on the

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