Stainless steel pipe manufacturers ups and downs trend

There are sentences with a biased but there is a certain truth: out of the bull, you are nothing. This sentence shows the importance of the square tube market trends: Today, whether you remember when the Monternet during the year, around the SMS value-added business that complete industrial chain, from content production, marketing communication to business innovation, every key All surging gold rush?7*19 galvanized steel wire rope 4mm 6mm 8mm So, the same, in the 316L stainless steel square tube market, the trend is also very tense! 2016, to 304 / 2B, for example, the highest point and the lowest point in the year reached 63.89%. Up more or less, each callback is easy to solve the case, so humiliation for many years the stainless steel trade finally proud of this sale laminated steel sheet in silicon sheet In the "green high pressure" a month after the Spring Festival, the steelmakers are full of fire, has forgotten at this time is the next section of the holidays; years later, the suppression of more than a month before the demand is also released at this time, the processing plant is busy, But a lot of resources pressure library, forcing the major warehouses have raised storage costs and crane costs; in the frequency off, the cost of materials rose (March chrome iron outside the plate up, high nickel iron ore shortage, etc.) how many people fear Scared of bold overbook ... ... people do not know, for the imbalance caused by the barrier lake is gradually accumulated.Stainless steel 316 tubing compression union tee fitting In addition, the market frenzy, will lead to speculators interest, seduce funds settled. Like the Chinese aunt bargain-hunting gold, how many people, directed at the stainless steel "bull" from! However, the same, the weak market will induce funds to flee; and in the case of oversupply, the funds fled will lead to trampling exacerbated the market fell. But in fact, we have seen the stainless steel public warehouse 201 cold-rolled inventory is rapidly declining, and the flow of the scope of business light inventory is consistent with the situation. So the so-called goods, and now has become the stock of their own stock and temporarily listed in the middle and lower reaches of the business to save the "high inventory" only.304 316L stainless steel wire mesh strip
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