2FV2 Series Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Main Features:

· Motor direct design, save space, easy to install, easy maintenance.

· All imported mechanical seals as a standard configuration.

· All with a cavitation protection tube interface, such as working under extreme pressure, open the cavitation protection tube interface (or connected with the separator) can maximize the inspiratory effect in the case of elimination of cavitation sound, and the pump to protect.

· Unique flexible exhaust design, will not produce over-compression, to ensure that the FV liquid ring vacuum pumps in its performance range of the best efficiency.

· All use Y2 series motor, protection class IP54, IP55 (ordinary IP44), insulation class for the F-class insulation (ordinary B-class insulation).

· All imported bearings SKF.

· 2FV series of liquid ring vacuum pump can achieve all the flexible seals for the polytetrafluoroethylene, which can greatly extend the vacuum pump in the harsh conditions of life.

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vacuum pump system vacuum pump system

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