Gas furnace

The gas furnace is the national standard energy saving cycle furnace, super energy saving structure, energy saving effect 65 %. The machine adopts the anti-impact seal brick, the door of the furnace is the spring type compaction mechanism, the automatic sealing machine and the furnace door, the integration of the rail, do not need the basic installation, put on the horizontal ground can be used. It is mainly used for high chromium, high manganese steel castings, ductile iron, roll, steel ball, 45 steel, stainless steel and other quenching, annealing, aging and all kinds of mechanical parts heat treatment.


1. The furnace temperature is uniform and the workpiece is heated evenly.

2. High loading capacity and high productivity, suitable for tempering and preheating of various types of engine parts;

3. The furnace lining adopts the whole fiber structure to improve the heat insulation performance of the furnace, save energy and reduce the production cost.

4. It is convenient to load the gas furnace, and the operating conditions are good;

5. There is a chain protection device in the furnace, which can prevent failures and accidents caused by wrong operation;

6. Pollution-free, environmental benefits are good.

This series of equipment for all kinds of combustion gas as medium, through all kinds of burners combustion heating, the highest temperature of 1200 ℃.

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