Gas fired furnace

What is a heating furnace? The heating furnace is also called the heating furnace, which is short for the heating boiler, which belongs to the civil living boiler, which mainly refers to the ability to satisfy people.

A normal pressure boiler of heating demand belongs to the category of civil hot water boiler.

The earliest cainuanlu not boiler, but a prototype direct heating coal burn wood stoves, with the rapid development of society, cainuanlu licensing of innovation, improvement is also changing, is not what cainuanlu was, beautiful appearance and advanced function has become the main features of cainuanlu licensing.

Cainuanlu variety is complete, the main electric cainuanlu, fuel gas cainuanlu, coal-fired cainuanlu licensing, etc., with the improvement of people's living standard and the environmental protection consciousness enhancement, people begin to choose to clean, pollution-free heating products, where the gas is gas boiler, gas place choice fuel boiler or electric heating boiler, coal cainuanlu and, in the countryside in the city have been rare.

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