month arrives measure

arrives measure 15000 stere to come 20000 cubic metre; Jing Jiang every month arrives measure 10000 stere to come 15000 stere; And the sanded plank that compare profit basically stores at Shanghai, Guangdong, Qingdao, Zhang Jia one level of these 5 harbor, cheap floor covering for deck Tianjin, country circulation market; According to statistic of wood bug net, at present the

board stock of Guangdong central scroll and Dongguan makes an appointment with 18000 stere, shanghai field inventory makes an wood decking cost for sale appointment with 9000 stere, qingdao area inventory makes an appointment with 8000 stere, tianjin inventory makes an appointment with 8000 stere, inventory of Home Zhang harbor is least, about 5000 stere. Domestic

sand imports the sale of plank to basically be centered at IHC, ABC, AL than benefit, AR, BSO the product of this a few old brands, plastic that looks like wood garden bench at present Shabili imports plank market value water board drops 200/ stere left and right sides, clinch a deal valence is controlled in 5200-5500/ stere. Sale price and entrance cost become home to hang a Wpc Flooring Guide

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