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responded positively, although there was still a business success. 23 bamboo flooring companies to boycott foreign accusations are some foreign abuse of intellectual property companies severely slap in hand,split railing fencing at 84 lumber the statement became the Chinese flooring sector on international intellectual property disputes launched the first active attack. Saw the collective awakening of China's flooring industry. Sheng Jia's patent case is the outcome and opponents have each other, the State Intellectual Property Office Patent Reexamination Board ruling real wood patent With the further opening of the market, [url=]curved deck stairs blueprint[/url]international trade friction will be more and

more. And the success of a small number of enterprises relatively eyeing the huge foreign group is too thin, the result will not only move the apple, but the survival of the industry crisis. As an industry,menards quick cap decking reviews our R \u0026 D strength, our business strength is not weaker than the opponent, we need more is unity and external. The survival and development of the industry is every enterprise must fight for it. Look forward to China's flooring industry to an independent attitude back to the international market! Sweeping the global financial turmoil to export-oriented high-end wood flooring industry by its impact.[url=]framed willow fence panels[/url] In the face of the weakness of the international

market, China Forestry Industry Association floor professional committee, the Chinese Academy of Forestry Institute of Wood Industry in the flooring industry for the domestic market thermal dry flooring'three-tier solid wood flooring national promotion activities.' The new three-layer solid wood flooring has the advantages of solid wood flooring flexibility, warmth and ornamental, and at the same time abandon the lack of laminate flooring, but also save a lot of natural resources in Europe and the United States accounted for 70% of the total floor sales %.[url=]marine interior wall panels[/url] Industry insiders told reporters that China's three-tier solid wood flooring manufacturers have nearly 100, with

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