wait for a respect

be in,be a talent groom wait for a respect, the consensus talent that needs both sides promotes economic base of two sides, promote the forestry between each country development, optimize the lumber processing technique of each country, reduce cost, also raise the prospect of this domain at the same time. Arenaceous pull the government that

jump over a city to invite sincerely international forestry, lumber and wood entrepreneur are headed for arenaceous pull more, with deep the outdoor floor decking tiles sites progress of forestry of place of one pace understanding, participate in jointly discuss future how to go up to face the forest demand that increases increasingly effectively in collaboration. This congress

gets arenaceous pull jump over bureau of lumber industry development (STIDC) answer support, predict to will collect honored guest commercial composite wood landscape edging of more than 20 give a lecture, include national government to represent among them, private enterprise and adviser, synchronism discussion a series of topical,wpc deck board

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