screen of course

machine the big screen of course of study. In the country reporter of harbor of foreign riverside of the corridor that cast abundant sees, waterproof deck bench Manufacturers a large ship stops wharf silently by, this is foreign Pu Zhonglong first raw material lumber that wooden industry orders is locomotive boat. On the board of freight boat, come from foreign riverside to invest condition

of stimulative bureau, discrepancy to examine the unit such as quarantine bureau and foreign riverside custom is ordinal undertook examining build a eco wood bench to goods. After the quarantine that finish, will the rest lumber of 20 thousand much stere is all discharge is over, use at next lumber treatment and construction industry. As we have learned, in dragon timber

industry limited company is a management cork and hardwood are buckled closely, the omnibus enterprise of the business such as production of treatment,economical composite deck boards wood, this company cooperates with world-class lumber supplier directly, for whole Hainan and Huanahuadong the area offers high grade lumber raw material and treatment product. Current, the enterprise has Wpc Flooring Guide

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