real wood grain reinforced floor

08 hot summer season,seven trest lumber prices 2x6x8 Shengjia and Europe FAUS real wood grain reinforced floor patent dispute preliminary determination, May 28, the State Intellectual Property Office Patent Reexamination Board to make a ruling - Shengjia possession of real wood patent valid, FAUS Group Held by the real grain patent 1-12 power requirements are invalid, the remaining 13-23 items are still in the complaint. In July, Flowserve Group announced that the State Intellectual Property Office of China on June 20, 2008 to confirm the validity of the Chinese patent No. 6,815741.9,[url=]patios deck designs in uk[/url] the patent involved in synchronous pattern (precision overlap) to strengthen the

production of wood flooring products method. This is since the 2007 floor lock 337 investigation and the US 332 investigation, the flooring industry's most talked about multinational patent to make outdoor bench with back According to the final order of the year 337, China's flooring export enterprises will no longer be able to export any locks to the US illegally; the products that have been imported into the United States and the stock will be destroyed or paid in accordance with the ITC prohibition. If you want to sell in the US market, you must pay Unilin a one-time payment of 100,000 to 120,000 US dollars,[url=]composite decking hollow core tongue and grove[/url] and each sales of 1 square meters to pay $ 0.65 'royalties.' Foss

Group's patent was confirmed only once, waiting for Chinese enterprises, must be high patent fees. The world hee hee, all for the benefit, the world bustling, all for the benefit to.benjamin moore wood defender composite deck Businessmen re-profit, so that these foreign companies have to come and Chinese enterprises to court the reason is a word. According to the Italian International Furniture Market Research Institute recently released the 'World Furniture Market Report' data show that the five major furniture importing countries: the United States, Germany, Britain, France and Canada total imports of 53 billion US dollars,[url=]composite flooring honeycomb structural[/url] accounting for 53% of international trade. It can be seen, a light

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