Laboratory electric stove

1, silicon carbide lining, all fiber insulation layer.

2, the furnace material made of ceramic fiber, heat capacity is small, fast heating (30 minutes to reach the set temperature), short cycle, saving energy (energy saving effect is more than 80% of ordinary old electric furnace).

3, the use of intelligent digital programmable temperature control table (as shown below), can be compiled multi-section L, Paul, cooling curve, automatic heating, insulation, cooling and over-temperature protection, the end of the program automatically stop,

4, the use of high-temperature heating element wire used in shallow way placed in the furnace wall and the formation of heating plate, easy to use, safe.

5, can be configured programmable temperature control instruments, and the other can be configured RS485 interface, to achieve the remote control of the furnace and data collection. Or configure the circular chart to adjust the recorder to track the heat treatment process

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