316L and 310S stainless steel pipe development space

Why there will be such a substantial Powei Quotes? Is the result of multiple factors, there are internal factors, external factors, there are 316L stainless steel tube production itself factor.high quality and cheap corrugated galvanized steel sheet First, environmental protection, "cold stir" on the 316L stainless steel pipe market increasingly weak, and because of its limited production at the same time, also inhibited the demand. So 316L stainless steel tube market reaction began to become dull, the past will limit the logic of the beginning will not work.T304 stainless steel round bar Second, the recent strength has been very strong steel mills began to change their attitude, the mainstream stainless steel plant prices down sharply, 316L stainless steel market confidence has been hit. Third, the macro and the poor data, "gold nine silver ten" demand is less than expected, and "off-season is not light" overdraft of the late market, for the adjustment of hidden risks. Fourth, the Federal Reserve interest rate expectations and will start next month to shrink the table, "shrink the table in the tiger," a greater impact on the bulk market. And the resulting chain reaction is more complex and far-reaching.Factory Directly Sale Stainless Steel Tube 444 441 446 420 The above factors resonate, making the 316L stainless steel seamless pipe market mentality for the late supply contraction is expected to be pulled back to the multiple bearish level.Black Mirror Stainless Steel sheet perforated
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