Stamping parts shell processing

1, the shape of the material and punching the hole shape of the demand for simple, symmetrical. As far as possible the use of circular or rectangular and other regular shape, should avoid long slot or slender cantilever structure.

2, the size of the blanking of the material must consider the thickness of the material.

3, punching the straight line and straight line, curve and straight line of the junction, are the use of rounded arc connection, in order to avoid the stress concentration at the corner and produce cracks.

4, bending parts shape should be symmetrical, bending radius can not be less than the minimum bending radius of the material agreed.

5, the curved edge is too short is not easy to shape, it should make the curved side of the flat sector H> 2δ. If the request for H is very short, you need to set aside the appropriate margin to increase H, bend and then cut the added metal.

The factory is specialized in the production of metal stamping parts and electronic stamping parts manufacturers, now has more than one punch equipment, with electronic components for glass packaging tunnel sintering furnace, vacuum furnace, firing powder metallurgy products, hydrogen furnace, producing all kinds of precision Stamping parts products, alcohol sensor bracket, sensor base, tube caps and other electronic components. Products used in a number of areas of industry, exported to many provinces and cities nationwide and has been the customer's praise!

Hardware stamping parts processing is by means of conventional or special stamping equipment, power, so that the sheet material in the mold directly by the deformation force and deformation, so as to obtain a certain shape, size and function of the production of parts of the product. One of the company's main business, the following for everyone to introduce our work in the metal stamping parts in the process of compliance with the principles of norms.

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