Multi-Fuel Boiler not heating both hot water & radiators.

I currently have an old cottage with a single pipe vented heating system, run off of a woodburner (multi-fuel). System gravity fed by header tank in loft with immersion tank and circulation pump for the radiators. I recently had to swap out the old woodburner, due to age of the old one, but the new version (10.5kw) is not man enough to heat both water and radiators. The water heating is gravity fed and gets hot enough to make a cup of tea, but the radiators only just get warm.
My question is, would it be feasible to put a valve in the 28mm hot water feed from the boiler, so that it by-passes the hot water tank and fed back into the cold return?. Obviously valve would be after the vent pipe on the rising hot flow.

Does this make any sense?

Any help appreciated.



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