Rare earth smelting

There are two kinds of rare earth smelting methods, namely, hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical metallurgy.

The rare earth oxides, rare earth compounds, single rare earth metal separation and extraction process is the use of precipitation, crystallization, oxidation and reduction, the solvent, Extraction, ion exchange and other chemical separation process. Now the application is more common organic solvent extraction method, it is the industrial separation of high purity single rare earth elements of the general process. Hydrometallurgical process is complex, the product purity is high, the method produces a wide range of finished products.

Fire metallurgy process is simple, high productivity. Rare earth fire smelting mainly includes silicon thermal reduction method to produce rare earth alloy, molten salt electrolysis method of making rare earth metals or alloys, metal thermal reduction method to produce rare earth alloys. The common feature of pyrometallurgy is the production at high temperature.

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