Application Analysis of Duplex Stainless Steel

China began as early as the twentieth century, the seventies began to double-phase stainless steel research, development, and established with N duplex stainless steel development direction, with the duplex stainless steel in the international development, duplex stainless steel in China also China's duplex stainless steel is growing at the same time, after 2000, in the two-phase stainless steel research, production, application, standards and other aspects of the development of the two-phase stainless steel, Has been a greater development.factory price stainlesss steel sheet In recent years, the development of Chinese duplex stainless steel due to the higher alloy content of duplex stainless steel and austenite, ferrite phase of about half of the two-phase structure characteristics, giving it a higher strength and excellent corrosion resistance Performance, but also to its processing and production and organization control to bring the appropriate difficulty.4x8 Stainless Steel Sheet In Stock EN 439 2b In line with the trend of the development of duplex stainless steel, in recent years, double-phase stainless steel research in China's attention continues to increase. 2000 to 2014 between the two-phase stainless steel and more than a thousand papers and reports related to statistics found that in 2000 only less than 10 papers, from 2001 to 2004 the number of documents 20 to 40 / year, 2005 ~ 2008 the number of literature for the 40 ~ 60 / year, 2009 ~ 2014, and duplex stainless steel-related literature increased rapidly, and has been stable at more than 100 per year.a123 rectangular gi pipe size chart With the deepening understanding of duplex stainless steel, the research of Chinese duplex stainless steel workers has been deepened. In recent years, the following research progress has been made in the control of thermoplastic, harmful precipitation and N alloy elements.seamless stainless steel tube sizes
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